Nondominium enables a new whole-system approach to development of material resources which enables sustainable outcomes of resilience, self-sufficiency and independence.

Nondominium transforms ‘Property’ from an object or thing transacted for personal profit to a participative agreement between people, place and planet to share surplus, risk, cost , knowledge, knowhow & ‘know who’. 

Nondominium is so-called because no participant has power over another, yet all may achieve their goals by sharing benefits, surplus, costs and risk equitably.

Whether property is material and tangible, such as land and buildings (real property) or virtual (intellectual property), Nondominium agreements bring together users, investors and stewards to an agreed common purpose, sharing value equitably and protecting resources for the common good rather than dissipating them through adversarial legal rights and obligations.

Nondominium enables optimal solutions for:

ownership and tenure

funding and investment

governance and control

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