People-centred Economy

Our current economy is centred upon artificial legal persons (Corporates) and machines (Servers) which alienate humans from each other through complex and obscure machine protocols and legal institutions and instruments.

Nondominium is a club-style mutual agreement between people individually, not a collective agreement in which individual identity is lost within an artificial corporate legal person

Nondominium provides a template for non-adversarial agreements to share risk, costs, surplus, knowledge, knowhow & “know who”. Such agreements, based on the holistic contribution of each project participant can be concluded either through personal presence in a meeting, through network presence in online meetings, or even both.

In this way the value of whole systems may be optimised, protected, accumulated and equitably shared rather than being contested for the short term transactional profit of one party at the expense of other participants and of the whole. Such participative designs are stable, resilient and sustainable over long periods and represent an evolutionary advance towards an optimal adaptive economy.

Nondominium is an innovative – Back to the Future – a legal framework based on time honoured principles of sustainable development and capable of revolutionising the productive economy